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plan to make a 3d company

Posted: April 06, 2010
havent decided yet is looking for plan to make a 3d company

Starting Date: any

Job details: Hi guys,
My name is RO, and I am a 3d artist , I am good at modeling , texturing ,rigging and shave and haircut, I am planning to make a team of 3d artist may be 2 member or 3 to make a nice animation short fil about 2 to 3 min. , so for that I am looking for someone who come up with me and start a companies first reel then we proceed this reel to other studios to get some projects,
If this idea seems good to you , You can send me the email:vfxdog@gmail.com
I cannt offer any pay bcoz this is for starting a small team and then turn to make a studio,

Requirements: maya

Location: anywhere

Contact info:
email - vfxdog@gmail.com
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