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Modlers needed :) Read and reply :D

Posted: April 05, 2010
Hello all 3D lovers.
Before anything else, i'll ask sorry for my english errors, since im not english. BUti think it is good enough so we understand each others ^_^.

So, i'm here because I'm looking for 3D modlers for my project.
Me and another close friend of mine, are begining to create game in 3d using Unity Game Creator.

We have a really good idea for it, funny and amazing trip.
Our problem are the models, since we ain't experts at it.
We need Characters Models with animation ( walk,run, attack meele weaps, hurt....), enemy character as same, buildings .... but were looking forward to have nice modeled and textured models. Not the rude, old looking ones.

I myself tried out Blender, ZBrush, Cinema4D...but ok. sorry i suck on that.
I thinked on Quidam 3D but it is too expensive.

(Game idea mini talk:

The game will be a 3rd Person Horror/adventure/Mistery/Action game.
We are trying to rebuild our city [dont get scared, the building won't need to be the same, just the most importants. And the city isnt that big. It as beach and river though] and the game will have 2 characters that can be selected after a intro cutscene.

To students friends , one is the ''XXL'' cloth user, hip hop folower from guetto who as Strengh Extra abilitys and starts with a baseball bat, breaks doors down......agressive one and funny thoug cuz of is rudness.
2nd cahracter, an longed hair calm guy, ''well'' dressed, who thinks and is calm, having Inteligence/Computer extra abilityes( hack cpus, open electronic doors hacking them....)

We are thinking about deamons, zombies(but not slow and dumb ones) style SilentHill, Resident Evil, »»»»DEADSPACE (YEAAA)....

In-game :
We want to make it a survival game, without many guns, REALISTIC ONE, u may get a rovolver wiht some bullets at police station not much more, all about meele - stiks, steel, bats, rocks..... and RUN RUN. After all MONSTERS vs Human....ok..lets make something realistc, something youll have fear of and not just hit wiht 500Bulllets you find in boxes T_T.
Running system, climb, hide(shadow) will be very used. Sound effects.

Wink something not seen....

History (just a little) Smile - the 2 guys find and old book in the granfather of one of them....the read it ( not normal langueage) just for fun, and nothign happends... then they are at school ( youll play there with them and have some fun ; SUPRISE ;P) go to a bar at night everything normal but fun 2 (SUPRISE)....go to sleep...after taht, when they awake ........nothing is the same...were are the people ? Whats happening... great misterys and suspense.

So, for more info reply questions,

Any 3d modler with good animation and texture that want to join this crew, Reply.

Zadar out Smile
THanks for the read! Smile)

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Posted: May 04, 2010
You don't have a setting located. please clean this up with a game brief, it would help get things started.
Posted: May 05, 2010
If possilbe , please kindly contact with me, we will send some of our animation to you to take an reference.

mail: emma.lifangcg(at)gmail(dot)com