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Warriors of Hyrule - A HL2 MOD

Posted: April 04, 2010
Warriors of Hyrule is a Half Life 2 modification running on the source engine and is based on the game “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time”. The Idea is to convert the original singleplayer to a multiplayer game.
The mod consists of 2 types of gameplay: deathmatch and cooperative. Deathmatch gives you the thrill to battle against each other. The cooperative version on the other hand gives you the opportunity to play with others – battling the environment, for example dungeon puzzles, monsters and bosses.

Each map type lets the player unlock and collect items. The player stats are stored on an external SQL-database server.

In our game, player and camera movement were adapted from the original as much as possible. The player can choose different attributes he/she wishes the character to have: sex, hair and eye color.
Unlike the original game, selecting, using and equipping items are easily done without stopping the game flow. By simply pressing a button, your inventory interface will pop up and you can instantly select your items to use or equip them.

We use a subversion repository to keep version control and share work and information with the others.
The main communication methods to keep in touch with the project leader are Steam, ICQ and MSN.

Our intent is to make the project public on the website www . moddb . com in the near future as soon as the development of the "child phase" is completed.

The current team consists of 5 members:

- project leader, interface artist and programmer
- music composer
- level creator/mapper
- character concept artist
- 3D-character artist

Our team is looking for:

- 3D-character animator/rigger (maya that would be great, but other tools are fine as long as they support a plugin for the source engine format)
- 2D-scenery artist/level designer
- SFX sound composer
- 2D-artist for particle effects
- 3D-artist for objects

If you are interested in joining the team, contact the project leader:

Deviantart: Tingle1336
Steam: Tingle1337/Tingle
MSN: tingle @ gmx . net
ICQ: 251322055
E-mail: tingle @ gmx . net
Posted: April 04, 2010
It is hard to show the propper status of the development progress, due to most of it being programming. Here is the current milestone status, first character model and a video of the character selection interface. Please note that the ingame model and map are only placeholders.

Milestone Status (04. April 2010) - ht tp :/ /pastebin. com/ SF4i3phN
Character Selection Screen - ht tp :/ /uploaded. to/ file/hm7t96
Model Concept and Render - ht tp :/ / uploaded. to/file/9j5yl5

Model made by Nils
Concept Art made by Pckhoi