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an official announcement from NewTek

Posted: April 01, 2010
Hi everyone, I’m David Maldonado, and I am the newest member of the NewTek Marketing group. I will be handling the 3D marketing communication as NewTek’s 3D Marketing Specialist. In this role, I am the one responsible for showcasing all the great work being created in LightWave 3D which currently includes the feature films, "Avatar" and "Repo Men."

I am a LightWave 3D user and DAVE School graduate, having worked on projects such as “Anthro,” “Pest Control” and “Seawolf.” I've been working with people for over 20 years, and take pride in making them happy. A deep-seated passion for LightWave resulted in my small claim to fame, having worked as a stereoscopic artist on the feature film, "Battle for Terra." I love and admire all sorts of cinematic experiences, video games and music. In fact, my musical taste can best be described as... interesting (working long hours at two different record stores will do that to you).

My goal is to create a positive, high-energy relationship with the LightWave community and beyond - keeping you in the loop, informed and hungry for more. My door is open to you for comments and suggestions on how to make that happen.


David Maldonado
3D Marketing Specialist
NewTek Inc.