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[Unpaid (for now)] Symbolic: Medieval Times, 3D Online RPG

Posted: March 25, 2010
Symbolic Studios is looking for 3d artists

Job details: Hello There!

Symbolic Studios is developing a Turn Based / Action Hybrid Role Playing Game for Windows, Mac, and the web browser. The game is already much done, and we are currently looking for artists!

The game engine\'s basics (quests, battles, menus, etc) is already over 80% complete.

We currently need 3D artists for the following:


and that is in the order of most important!

We are in dire need of a basic human model to use for NPC\'s! Story line development is seriously lacking for this reason!

The job is unpaid, but when we turn a profit, we will gladly share!

Characters and Creatures need to be Rigged and Animated. They do not need to be extremely details or come with a load of animations, but they should have the basics!

If any body is interested you can contact me asap, or checkout our website http://SymbolicStudios.co.cc

Location: Anywhere!

Contact info:
email - stedor7@gmail.com
web site - http://SymbolicStudios.co.cc
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