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3d Character Troy

Posted: March 22, 2010


I post all sorts of student work on my blog. I welcome any comments/suggestions on the current project I am working on for my projects class.

Character: Troy
Environment: Sort of a Mayan / Ankor Wat environment.
Animation: Troy will walk along the path in a quiet sneaky manner. Walk animation.

Software used:
Maya 2010
Photoshop CS4

Thanks in advance,

Frank Beleno
Posted: April 14, 2010
3d artist gallery Andyba
I have embedded an image from your blog but you can attach images from your computer yourself.
Nice works by the way!
Posted: April 15, 2010
yeh i like your work too well done Smile
Posted: May 12, 2010
Ahh sweet. Thanks. Yeah I wanted to post images up but was still lacking the posting requirements. Thanks for posting.
Posted: August 31, 2010
Nice start.
I think that your character would be great.
I just don't think that the floor looks good.
It reflects too much of the color of Troy's shoes.
The shirt also needs to be worked on. It looks so flat and does not look very realistic.
My Animation Services
Posted: February 06, 2012
Considering it's a work in progress it looks really good. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product when you get a little more detail in.