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Animation for Human Sexuality Project

Posted: March 15, 2010
Dr. Erotic

My name is Jonathon Costal and I am a college student in school to become a professional sexologist. Without boring any of you, sexology is an interdisciplinary science concerned with understanding human sexuality, relationships, and love. It draws upon knowledge from both social science and the physical sciences.

I am currently working on a project called the Erotopedia, which is aimed at becoming the most thorough reference resource on human sexuality and relationships on the internet.

This wiki based community website is going to be available for the general public at no charge, and will always remain a free resource.

An idea came up in some brainstorming sessions about using wood mannequins, like you would find in an art class, to make animated sex position videos to accompany the wiki articles on various sex positions. If successful the idea could be used to illustrate and help explain fetishes, abuse, and other things as well.

We chose wood mannequins because they are neutral in terms of race, body build and gender, and well they kinda have their own quirky charm about them. Also, using wood mannequins is not pornographic in nature which legitimizes our educational efforts. (Even though we don't believe in censorship.)

In our brainstorming sessions my team and I originally wanted stop motion, but decided that the best solution to this problem was using 3D animation because we believe in the open source movement.

If we use 3D modeling and software like Blender, than we can extend the community model we believe in through our animations as well by sharing the model files through the site and anyone can make an animation for a position and they will remain consistent in visual style.

So, what are we talking about? Go to YouTube and search for "Blender Wooden Mannequin".

Ideally we'd like to make something like that video for a myriad of sex positions, preserving in the process the jerky charms of stop motion. Simple environments and models with basic animation. We believe this kind of animation in conjuction with the wiki articles will help to explain the mechanics of the various sex positions in action, and will be a great resource to the world as a whole.

In terms of direction and scripting, we are interested in using the CommonCraft model from their "In Plain English" series. If your not familiar, Google "Zombies In Plain English" for an example of what the style of the video scripts will be like (and for a good laugh).

If you are an animator and would like to help work on this project, then please contact me in this thread. The site is currently in alpha development status, and I am it's chief programmer.