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[HL2 Mod] Warriors of Hyrule - Looking for Members

Posted: March 08, 2010

I would like to present abit of my mod wich I have been working on for the past weeks, hopeing to find some interested people to work on it. Warriors of Hyrule is a HL2 Mod based on the Nintendo 64 game, "The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time". As for the Mod its self, its genre is Fantasy, RPG, Deathmath, Coop. Adapting as much of the original as possible, I hope to bring the ultimate feeling of playing The Legend of Zelda. Tho this is converted to a multiplayer game, some changes and adjustments must be made to make the game fast, fun and suitable for a multiplayer game.

I am not going to discuss to much about the game features. The biggest highlight would be the Deathmatch and Coop features combined with RPG elements. There will be two differnt kind of maps. Deathmatch maps and Coop maps.
On the deathmatch map players can battle eachother, wich is obvious for a DM game.
On Coop maps, players are in the same team. They will stride with there friends through the original dungeons, solving puzzles and fighting monsters.
By participating in either map types. Players will unlock new items, upgrades and other things that you normaly would in the original game. Using a SQL database, player items, money and the sort are stored. Meaning no matter on what server you are on, you will allways have access to thos items you have unlocked before.

What you just read is a short overview about the current gameplay plans. There is more but im not going to go into much detail now.

Currently I am working alone on this project. Meaning all sorts of positions are open. Im a programmer and so far ive done things like the camera and playermovment. I have also made simple proto animations useing a self rigged model of the original link character for testing my code.

Now if you are interested. Your job is to create a higher quality version of the original models, animations, sounds and music. Meaning that everything must be self made but as close to the original as possible. I can provide images and samples of the original game content. Or you can just get what ever information you need by looking at the game through a n64 emulator.

As for now. The most important thing I need is a animator, alltho modellers are also very welcome.

If you would like to see the camera and playermovment work ive done. You can download this short fraps clip i recorded.

www . megaupload . com/?d=KGG1LLFC

It is ment to only display the playermovment and camera in normal mode and focus mode. Please dont pay to much attention to the bad model and animation quality, im not a 3D Artist... I even gave up atempting to make the backflip animation, i just use the sidejump animation Razz.
The interface hasent been bothered with either, like I said only pay attention to the camera and player movment.

I hope this little introduction might persway one or two people to participate in the development of this mod. And if your a die hard zelda fan like I am, your even more welcome Smile.

if you would like to contact me then write me a e-mail at: tingle @ gmx . net
Posted: March 09, 2010
Id like to update the team status, at the moment there are 4 people working on this, A concept artist, programmer, 3D Modeler/concept artist and a music composer. I will still like to see if theres a mapper/modeler/animator interested in working on this.