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BFME 3 DEMO project

Posted: February 24, 2010
There was Eru, the One, who in Arda is called Ilúvatar; and he made first the Ainur, the Holy Ones, that were the offspring of his thought, and they were with him before aught else was made.

Middle-Earth is so huge, that we need a lot of time to explore it. (с)

Next-Generation team wants to present you new project, which is connected with Tolkien’s world. Middle-Earth – is unique place. Leading game campaigns don’t show us new games about Middle-Earth. BFME community is slowly dieing. LOTR Conquest isn’t really good game. That’s why we starting new project about Middle-Earth…

Who are we?

Next-Generation – is an independent team, which is creating new game based of Tolkien’s world. The primary goal is to awake BFME community and to show leading game campaigns that fans are still waiting for new game. These plans can be changed in future…

Let’s go..!
[NG]M.Ruud aka Sauron – Team leader, game design, concept and storyline, 3D-modeling, texturing, mapper
[NG]Sergant – Game programming, co-leader, game mechanics, concept and storyline
[NG]Shved - 3D-modeling, texturing, co-leader, concept and storyline
[NG]TolsTiy - 3D-modeling (low and hi-poly models)
[NG]Dee – Concept artist
[NG]Aleks – Game programming
[NG]Pavero – Cinematic trailers
[NG]Gothmog – Concept and storyline
[ADVENTURES] – Game Engine

About project
1. Plan
Our team plans to make new game based on full completed game engine. The bias will make on games which were released by EA (The Battle for Middle-Earth, The Battle for Middle-Earth 2). We want to take only all best from old games and add a lot of new. Then we will present it to community.
2. Factions, gameplay, game engine
Make a lot of unique factions is really difficult. So we decided to make only 2 factions: Mordor and Gondor. Each faction will have 6-8 heroes, 10-12 units, unique magic and tactics. Gameplay will be changed too. Multiplayer will be supported.
Project will be based on SAGE game engine (game: Command and Conquer 3). In future we may change it.

3. Recruits
If you are talented, love Middle-Earth, and wish to work with us - you could tell us about it here WE ARE ALWAYS NEED:
• 3D and 2 D animators
• Concept artists
• CnC3 engine coders
• 3D modelers
• Programmers
• Mappers
• Concept writer
• Composers or Audio designers
• Art designers
• Critics
• Team leaders

We have already done a lot of work(i can't upload pics)

SKYPE: M.Ruud(Ukraine)
Posted: January 18, 2012
Are you continuing the project?

I have seen blogs elsewhere, which raise a valid point. We will probably need permission from either EA or those representing the copyright for the Tolkiens.

If you are able to perform this it would indeed be interesting to see this project go through.

I am currently learning 3D modelling, C++ programming. When I get the necessary experience to assist I may be interested in contributing in this project.

Please keep in touch.