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3D Project Cost Evaluation

Posted: February 13, 2010
Hello all members,

Newbie here, so fist I'd like to apologize in case I am not in the right section for the question I'm about to post. I did search a bit through the forum before posting this question but did not find what I was looking for, so here it is.

Can anyone educate me on methods to evaluate the cost (or number of hours required) to create a 3D object and animate it? I know it will depend on a number of factors. I am not looking for the cost of a particular project but a method, as precise as possible, or at least as logic as possible, to evaluate any project based on those factors or other that you may suggest.

For example, is it possible to come up with a method that would give the approximate number of hours to create a 3D object based on the number of surfaces or number of vectors or... and then calculate the work required depending on textures, rendering?

Any help will be GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you all.