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Small amount of help needed for 3D Album Artwork

Posted: February 09, 2010
Hi 3d'ers. I'm a 2d dude in a 3D artwork problem.

I'm building the internal album artwork for our 2nd album (independent, etc etc) and I have been trying to build an Infographic.

There are twelve images showing the songs as a molecule, showing the different Genetic Structures (LOL) of each song and right now I'm using (dont hate on me) CB Modeller Pro (laugh now).

I need some help to make the models transparent so you can see how they intermesh - like a series of interconnected bubbles. I realise I may have to export the 3dXMl into something else (other prog) and then change the transparency settings on the bubbles, but thats where my Skilz Fail me. (SKILL FAIL! Forum help WIN!)

If anyone is willing to offer some assistance I'd be grateful. We can offer an album and a credit on the album and possibly, if you live locally (Sydney, .AU) buy you a Beer. Ok. Maybe 2 beers, but no more.

Ok. Even if you're outside .au, we'll Send you a beer (we have better beers than you do. that's my story and I'm sticking to it. You can only disprove me by accepting the challenge and receiving a Beer and then posting how wrong I was right here.)

Hurrah! Act now! Limited offer! Must End Soon! (i gotta release this thing)