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Looking for Video Game Animator

Posted: January 15, 2010
FB Studios
My name is Adam Jaggers I am the project manager for Flaming Brain Studios (A new indie game studio) we have a huge project in the works and are seeking animators. The project is a first person shooter. This is not a paid project but will hopefully lead to the next phase which will be. This is a great opportunity for all those great amateur animators to turn pro. Wink

We are using the Unreal 3 engine for development. The structure of the team is very different than of a usual game studio. We are based in the US, but most of our team is international. We coordinate online. We have an ever expanding art department and are looking to do more.

We have been looking for animators for some time and are very backed up in that department so if you come on board be ready to work hard and fast. We have a great art team from all over the world who are putting together world class models. We just need someone to bring them to life.

If you have any question please fell free to post here and if you are interested please email me at: