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3D artist for sci-fi film - no pay

Posted: January 11, 2010
Bigandclever films is looking for 3D artist for sci-fi film - no pay

Job details: Hi,

I\'m looking for a 3Ds max artist to collaborate on an ambitious project.

This summer, Bigandclever films are releasing a two minute blockbuster shot on HD with cine lenses and finished to the highest Hollywood standards. Action, suspense and romance as an estranged couple attempt reconciliation while London is invaded by giant robots.

We are going to produce something that looks, feels and sounds like a big budget summer blockbuster, allowing all those who participate to show off their talents without compromise. Our aim is a world class short that tours the international festival circuit, collects awards for all departments and raises the profile of everyone involved.

Director: Award winning director Ian Hothersall has a track record in animation, music promos, commercials and shorts. His previous films have played at festivals worldwide and have been featured in the guardian

DOP: Ewan Cassidy is a veteran of numerous feature films.

We need a 3D artist to to work with our fx team and retexture a 3D space-ship model so that is fits in with the other existing models used in the film. Everyone is working for free but we can cover any expenses and are happy for any collaborators to use the models in their own future projects. Anyone that takes part can expect a decent credit on imdb and a copy of the film

Location: London

Contact info:
email - ian@360clicks.co.uk
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