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Old Used VR Hardware—FOR CHEAP!!

Posted: January 01, 2010
A local non-profit group has received thousands of dollars worth of VR equipment from a government agency. Goggles, IR Emitters, Sensors, Gloves, Stylus, Triggers,-- Cables, and more! Brands like Polhemus, Fakespace, CrystalEyes, Flock of Birds, Exxtron. THEY CANNOT USE THIS STUFF AND THEY DON'T WANT TO THROW IT AWAY! Most is old, some obsolete, but much is still very useable! NO DRIVERS OR SOFTWARE—but, you’re probably smart enough to find these yourself! I have a spreadsheet with pictures of many of the items. WE'D LIKE TO SEND THIS STUFF TO SOMEONE WHO CAN MAKE USE OF IT-- FOR A SMALL DONATION, PLUS COST OF SHIPPING. IT WILL HELP OUR GROUP TO RAISE NEEDED FUNDS, AND KEEP THIS STILL USEABLE EQUIPMENT OUT OF THE LANDFILL! FOR THE LIST, CONTACT ME AT 814-539-6959 OR RESPOND TO THIS POST.