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ORPG Fantasy Style Modeller Animator Renderer

Posted: November 24, 2009
CasuaGaming [recruiting Volunteers!] is looking for ORPG Fantasy Style Modeller/Animator/Renderer\'s.

Starting Date: From start til finish - hopefully Smile, duration - Just any free time that you have!

Job details: Putting together a team of people to create an Online Role Playing Game.

Imagine World of Warcraft (Scope and Size), Baldurs Gate II (Combat and Spell system), Planescape: Torment (Storyline depth and Questing) all put together to form something quite out of the ordinary.

For more details ask me on MSN at:

Requirements: MSN Messenger / Skype / mIRC

Some basic experience with 3DStudioMax, the more the better.

Online quite often, seeing as it is the only way we have of communicating and sharing our work.

GMT or GMT +1 or 2 / -1 or 2

Location: English speaking, location (See time zones, the closer to GMT the better)

Contact info:
email - cecil.treadwell@gmail.com [EMAIL] / cecil.treadwell@hotmail.co.uk [MSN]
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