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Easy Volunteer Stuff

Posted: November 11, 2009
I've started a poker website for beginners and looking to offer my users free modifications on certain online poker room site software to make it easier to play more then 8 tables once.

The work is very simple but unfortunately I do not have any sort of skill set to produce it myself to the standard I'd like to offer my users. If anyone is interested pls let me know, it should be rewarding work as theres a big "poker mod" community that are always trying to "out do" each other and the best work always gets a lot of kudos.

Anyway I am not expecting a great response but if anyone is interested feel free to post in here and i'll show you what I am after.
Posted: January 12, 2010
Hi, I'm helen and I'm a graduate. I can do some simple 3d modeling. Actually, my final project was about my college modeling. For that was a group project, and I did 4,5 buildings. Only out view. During my master course, I also did some simple models for assignment like car, mobile phone ...

So have you already found some guy to take your work? And are you ok with my level?