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Hi there

Posted: November 03, 2009
Hi, I'm new on here and I thought I'd drop by to say hello.

I am new in 3D Animation. I will soon be graduate from the 3D animation Collegial course.

I'm a French Canadian and I love computers and what goes around it. I've been on PC since I started to learn about computer but now I am seriously thinking to switch onto Macs since I have discovered my passion for Animation! But because 3ds max isn't compatible on Mac, I don't know yet. I just did all my course on 3ds max, do I want to swtich to Maya now?

anyway, I'm a pretty laid back, friendly, funny and social guy so if you want to talk to me don't hesitate!

It's nice to be on here =)

Belduran ( I have yet to find a 3D Animator name)
Posted: February 26, 2010
Welcome to 3d forums!
Posted: August 22, 2010
Hey there Belduran! Nice to have you here, welcome to the 3d forums! So glad to here such a nice and social person like you joined this community, well, you made a right choice with that. Smile How do you find your 3D animation collegial course by the way?
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