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Computer Animation Career Questions

Posted: November 01, 2009
I've been thinking of a career change recently as I'm not happy with my job at all, and I've been thinking of going to college for a degree with animation and 3d modeling. I have a few questions about this career though:

1. Everywhere I look I get mixed answers. Do I need to have strong drawing skills? My drawing skills are very rusty and not very good right now.

2. I'm looking to move after college to my girlfriend's hometown. The problem is that this is a small area. Will it still be possible to find a job there or are these jobs only in major areas like LA and New York?

3. Can anyone give me a description of what its like to work in this field? Such as what a typical day is like and the such.
Posted: January 27, 2010
Drawing skills are a big plus, for some companies it is a necessity.

There should be small animation jobs everywhere. But they are most probably full.

You should really love animating or creating 3d graphics to work in this field. The job is quite time consuming and usually a lot of overtime is involved. Especially during deadlines.