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Varied Simulator Project: Looking for 3D artists

Posted: October 29, 2009
Hello Everyone:

I am currently on the development team in the process of developing a large simulation project. Read below for details.

Project name:
This is open for discussion.

Brief description:
This is a very big and varied simulator project. The idea is to create a game based on real life (without real life companies, etc) but with many real life jobs modeled (including police, government, military, industry, etc) This would include airline, ATC controllers along with airline bosses, airport staff, etc.

Target aim:
To have a realistic physics model.
A network play system, either through Direct Serial or a LAN. (Probably not over the internet, as this costs money.)
A fully interactive Air traffic control system. (This may include speech recognition with the Microsoft SAPI and TurboPower Async Professional. This, however, is a future feature.)

This is going to be a free simulator. I would also like everyone to know ahead of time that I won't be spending a lot of money on professional tools. Also anyone who would like to help will not receive monetary compensation for their work. (But they'll get in the credits of course.)

Windows XP.
The language will be C++ with Delta3D.

Talent needed:
If you would like to help, I could mainly use about 4 or 5 programmers (C++) with Delta3D. I also could use sound and voice recorders.

Team structure:
Oliver Palmer - Object Modeler
Catalin Gherhes - 3D Artist
David (myself) - Programmer, Flight Model, 3D and 2D Artist.

I am working on this. It will be up and running soon.

Relpy to this post if interested.

Any feedback appreciated.