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3D modeler/ games programmer for multiplayer deer hunting ga

Posted: October 26, 2009
not yet a company is looking for 3D modeler/ games programmer for multiplayer deer hunting game

Job details: I am designing a new hunting game and am looking to put together a team to create this desgin. Unfortunatly I don\'t have a budget for this so can not pay, however do want to charge for certain things in the game so will split any profits with anyone who has joined the team by a certain deadline, however I would for this expect continued surport through the games life. Some of my ideas are featured in my the website, if you are intrested please read the jobs page to see if there is a job avaliable that would suit you and then apply for one of the jobs. Feel free to look at any other information around the site. http://deerhuntinggame.webs.com/

Requirements: Must be able to do one of the jobs listed on the website and provide a portfolio. There are more jobs avaliable than that in the title.

Location: England

Contact info:
email - deerhunter173@hotmail.co.uk
web site - http://deerhuntinggame.webs.com/
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