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Canada's Newest Animation Studio. Call for 3D Artists

Posted: October 20, 2009
Vivital Animation Studios, is a new Independant Canadian CGI animation company, and we are looking to create a team of artists in...

Storyboard Artist
Enviroment Artist
Modelling/Texturing (Zbrush is a plus!)
Lighting/ Rendering

We want people who have a serious interest in building a studio from the gound up. From setting up a new pipeline, to helping to build new workstation spaces, etc. There is alot of creative freedom here, so only the best people to help create a long lasting work enviroment. We are currently in pre-production of a short film, and working with a great Director.

There is no Paid Salary as of yet. We're looking for a braintrust first. Laying the ground work, and as the process continues yes we will get payed and the team will build, with the first few artists who remained with us take on more "driver seat" control of the productions, trying to maintain Vivitals overall image and approach.

It is required you live the Toronto/Mississauga Area Please. If you are planning to move to Toronto, thats great.

Don Radhay