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Big Action & Open WOrld Game In need of Modelers & A

Posted: October 04, 2009
(M) Artist
Action Game Company (30 Developers) In Need of more skilled Concept Artists, Logo Designer, 3D Modelers & Texture Artists.

Are you an artist (2D or 3D) who would love to see your work on conventions and PC screens around the world? Do you love building worlds or designing characters and then seeing them come to life? We would need Concept Artst which can draw realistic characters with an kinda comic style or GTA style ... and we are also looking for 3D Modelers good at low polygon modeling with deadlines !!!

If those thoughts appeal to the artist within you, we at MuellnerProductions (current name) would love to have you on our team. Read on to find out how you can be a part of the "next big thing" in gaming.

Who we are:
The studio was founded by a tight-knit
group of friends, with the express purpose of creating fun, innovative and solid interactive experiences, with an emphasis on immersion and storytelling. Muellner Production (current name) is located in Austria, Vienna. You don't have to relocate !!! And we the 40 developers don't pay each other but we are currently working on the Iphone game version so money isn't far.

Marco Muellner - Creative Director, 3D Modeler
Kelvin Luo - Lead Character Artist
Irishapple - 3D Modeler
Prophet - Composer

What we are doing:

About The GAME
It's a huge and emotional story. Expect a plenty of cruising around the 5 huge cities and expect a lot of shooting with the 24 wicked & customizable weapons in RL:TG. The genre is action and open-world. The core gameplay consists of elements of a third-person shooter and a driving game, affording the player a large, open environment in which to move around. On foot, the player's character is capable of walking, running, swimming, climbing and jumping, as well as using weapons and basic hand-to-hand combat. Players can steal and drive a variety of vehicles, including automobiles, boats, helicopters, motorcycles, jets, jet skis and tanks. This video game offers a lot to do in the 5 cities with the sandbox-style. Please note: we are not going to model the 5 cities THAT huge. It's in a realistic size !

If you need infos about the story please dont hesitate we will tell you about the story !! It's just kinda dangerous publishing the story to non developers...

How you can help:
Right now, we're mostly fleshing out the design of the video game and we are also modeling all the character, environments and props for the game. We have all 24 customizeable weapons nearly finished. We just had some props because with the polygon count, and were looking for aspiring artists or designers to help us pin down the visual design. While we have a wealth of design descriptions and supplementary material showcasing the look and feel we are going for, we are in dire need of an artist(s) that can help us bring those designs to life. There is room for various types of artists, whether you’re interested in character design, world/level design, fashion, User Interface / HUD design, or quite honestly anything else you can think of that involves artwork. We already got tons of concepts but we need far more. Concepts are vey important not only because to show the look and the feel of the video game we also model from those concepts !

PS: We are also interested in 3D Modelers which are good at Low polygon modeling. Here is a description what a modeler should watch out when modeling weapons:

"Try to get the overall shape of the weapon or the object. Where is
the main body wider, where is it thinner? Where is more detail in
shape and where is less. Try to only use definition ( faces, edges)
where some change in shape happens. Round objects: Big round objects
like the barrel should have 16 faces around to get a nice roundness.
Small objects like screws or dials should have around 8 faces around
to get the roundness. And delete every hidden face, which is not seen!"

If any of this sounds remotely interesting, please contact us using the following:

Please Note: Only contact us when you, have time to join our team, that means you have to be daily or weekly online at our forum. That means you have to be active and to work on the video game ... You dont need to spend 24hrs a day on this project. But we need to have active developers which are really interested in developing this video game ! And developers will get some deadlines. But the deadlines can be changeable

Forum (WIP):


You can email us at:

When you contact us we can give a bit more information about the video game and we can show you 3D Models and current concepts and further discuss the ways you can help us make this dream reality. We already have tons of concepts and models but we still look for developers !