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"Mudbox" problem

Posted: October 02, 2009
hi guys,
I have a problem in working with Mudbox v2010 x32 on (win7 x32)
when I install Mudbox and launch it, I receive an error which doesn't let me to work.

I cannt creat any mesh or import any .obj model!
in fact the problem is in "3d View" page, also I cannt see the grid on this page and all the page is white.

when the install finished, I saw 2 .dll files on my other drive(G)

does anybody know what's the problem?

tnx guys!!


Posted: October 07, 2009
3d artist gallery Andyba
There might be Mudbox compatibility issues with windows 7.
And these 2 .dll files did you try reinstalling it?