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MAYA: help with animated noise transition

Posted: September 24, 2009
hi all,

i'm trying to create an animated noise color transition for a surface
shader in maya using the ramp shader. i've been playing around
with using a fractal noise shader for UV coords, but when i turn on
the time option in the fractal noise map, the noise goes away.
i have a feeling i'm missing something basic (i'm mainly an animator),
so any tips or pointing in the right direction would be very appreciated!

Posted: October 02, 2009
3d artist gallery Andyba
What do you mean by turn on the time option?
In the attribute editor what do you have in the time attribute cell?

Do you have something like " = time * 0.03" ?
Posted: February 18, 2010
I have Problem with Vertex tool...................... after finish and select another tool.. THE VERTEXS POINTS KEEP SHOWING IN YELLOW.. if i select out of the object the VERTEX POINTS KEEP SHOWING IN RED ... WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? HELP PLEASE