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an easy 3D object shape editor / software?

Posted: September 17, 2009
I haven't used a 3D software for nearly ages(early 90's!!!O_o;; ) and I'm looking for a program that will be user-friendly and suitable for 'draw' and shaping 3d objects only..I'm not interested in animation or fancy lighting and backgrounds etc I'm only looking to shape some 3D toy prototype to have them 'printed' and it seems most 3D software are filled with lots and lots of options that are irrelevant with what I need which drives me crazy not knowing how to use them all..(total erratic noobie,lol)..I'm looking for a clean program with a simple tool menu that will work with spheres and shapes and you'll be able to reshape them with clicking on points over the object's diagram figure and changing the curves etc..(like what coreldraw,or illustrator is to graphic designing)

any help finding such a program?
thank you in advance,