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HELP NEEDED!!! New computer just as slow as others.

Posted: September 09, 2009
Hello all,

Lately I have been doing most to all of our offices 3D work, consisting of Shetchup work and recently I have been learning and using Rhino. I have dabbled with rendering programs, and I hope to learn 3ds max and Vray soon. Although, in this message the files I am referring to are large Sketchup files and the exporting of jpgs from them.

With this said my problem is with my two computers and the lack in their abilities to do a lot of this workÖ well at least with any sort of quickness. My main computer (T3400) seems to move pretty easily when it comes to doing general modeling and interacting with the model but it canít do much of the jpg exporting and rendering scenes we want to do and do all of the time. So I switch to a extra office shared computer (PWS690) we have which on the other hand seems to do a better with exporting these views. BUT, even though it is supposed to be all around better PC it is the opposite when comes to general modeling and interface things, it will freeze up the CPU a lot of times when simple moving around or even clicking toolbars, etc.

So, about 98% of the times I tend to have to jump back and forth between these computers when having to model and do exports from a file. I work on the files on my pc and export the many views we need on the extra pc. This has become a huge problem with tight deadlines and in general. Most of these files take 5-10+ minutes to save, to open, to export, basically to do anything. I know you get the point by now.

So, in turn, I talked to our IT director about this and we decided to order me a new pc for modeling. One that is supposed to be up to date. And that is when we order the t7500 workstation listed below. In general it does seem pretty smooth but there is still a snag. While I was waiting on the computer to ship, the local IT guy here and I started doing a small test on the existing two computers. We opened a 90mb Sketchup file on my computer and on the extra computer and timed it. On my computer, supposedly the weakest, it took 4 Ĺ minutes to open. On the extra pc it took about 7 Ĺ minutes or so. Both of these numbers reflect the program using about 50% or so of the cpu when I looked at the task manager.
So when I received the new 3d workstation I decided to test it also. It took 8 and half minutes to open @ about 11-12% usage of the cpu. What gives? It seems better that it takes less cpu usage to run, but why isnít it faster and using more cpu? How do I make it faster? Is there any way to tell it to use more of the CPU when using these programs? Or is this even the problem?

The only thing I am aware of is our lack of RAM. At only 3.25gb from the 4-1gb sticks in each of the machines, I know this low. But this is all that we can use since we are running XP 32 bit OS. I wanted to up my machines, or at least this new 3d machines to a 64 bit OS, but the IT director said that we canít until our firm switches to Windows 7, when it comes out.

So does anyone have any advice on what to do, or what setting to change to optimize its performance and get the most out of it? Or general knowledge to help me understand this situation? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for ready and sorry for the length of this message, or should I say story. Below are my PCís specs.

thanks again,

Personal Main PC:
Dell Precision T3400 Workstation
Intel Core 2 Duo CPU
E8400 @ 3.00GHz
2.99 GHz, 3.25 Gb of RAM

Secondary Extra Office Computer:
Dell precision PWS690
Intel xeon cpu
e5320 @ 1.86GHz
1.86GHz, 3.25 GB of RAM

New 3d PC Workstation:
Dell Precision T7500 Workstation
Dual Quad Core Processor E55202.26GHz,8M,5.8GT/s,Dell Precision T7500
4GB DDR3 ECC SDRAM Memory,1066MHz,4X1GB,Dell Precision TX500
Dual 768MB PCIe x16 NVIDIA Quadro FX 1800 Quad Monitor DVI + 2DP Dell Precision TX500
300GB 3Gbps SAS, 15K RPM Hard Drive, 3.5 Inch, Dell Precision TX500
Posted: September 19, 2009
Well the thing is this..

Live 3D editing and 2D editing is mostly to do with RAM.

Rendering is to do with CPU.

therefore, if your doing both on 1 computer, you need to obtain one with higher RAM and CPU.

Also some programs need to be tweaked to utilize the Multi-Threading for dual and quad core pc's.
Posted: October 02, 2009
3d artist gallery Andyba
That is quite strange. It seems that Sketchup or the XP is not optimized for multiple cores. That's why your first computer with cpu that has a higher clock rate per core opens the file much faster.

Regarding rendering images or exporting to JPG as you say, how fast does the new computer do it?

In general there are no single computers that can render huge scenes fast enough. It may take up to 24 hours to render a really complex scene on a very fast workstation, and I am talking about one frame here. That's why network rendering on multiple computers is used for rendering movies and complex scenes. And I don't know if Sketchup has this feature.

Regarding modeling and viewport(UI) interaction, video card plays the major role here. NVIDIA Quadro FX 1800 should be nice for rendering.
I don't know what you have on your T3400 workstation though.
Posted: March 20, 2012
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