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Glest 3D models availables in turbosquid

Posted: September 07, 2009
Hi, some time ago I released the Glest models (not animated) for free to use it in freeware projects or demos, but the last months a lot of indie developers asked me about the animated models to use them in commercial projects, then I decided to polish the animated models for to sell them in turbosquid.

For the moment I've uploaded only five animated characters, but I hope to upload the rest of Glest characters (about 20) in the future. To prepare all stuff to upload takes a lot of time (clean the scene, polish the skining animations and textures, etc), so I'll upload the models gradually).

Search for the word "Glest" in Turbosquid if you are interested in to see or purchase them (I can't post the link to the models because this is my first post in this forums).

I think it is a cheap solution for indie gamers who need some animated ultra low poly models for a cell phone or portable console project for example, or for PC RTS games like glest, of course Wink

Posted: October 22, 2009
hi again, more Glest models available on Turbosquid

Posted: July 07, 2010
A new megapack available:

Posted: August 20, 2010
More ultra low poly models added:

Posted: September 26, 2010
Also next gen models added:

Posted: March 02, 2011
Ultrapack added! Very Happy, This pack compiles all of glest models available for purchase.

Posted: March 09, 2011
And how they are selling for you?
Posted: August 31, 2011
And how they are selling for you?

Hi Pkonst, they're selling pretty well, I normally sell a few models every month.

I made a kit that makes it possible to create an unlimited amount of medieval/fantasy characters

demo video