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3D Animators/Modellers/Texturers Needed for Zombie Film

Posted: August 30, 2009
Hey everyone,

I am part of an independent film company based in South West England called Realm Pictures. We are currently working on a balls-to-the-wall zombie action movie, currently known as Zomblies. You can check out previews, blogs and stills at our website, or find RealmPictures on YouTube.

We are in need of animators to build, rig and texture biped models of zombies. We will also need some other digital double models as well as texturing for various other 3D visual effects. We work primarily in 3DSMax.

We have a pretty tight deadline for post production of the end of this year, and we are in need of a little extra help to get everything done to the highest possible standard.

If anyone wants some more information, or thinks they would be up for working with us, please get in touch.

Thanks in advance,


Project Manager for Realm Pictures