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New Game Developers Team

Posted: August 25, 2009
G.A.M.E is looking for New Game Developers Team

Starting Date: A.S.A.P

Job details: Be part of this new games developer team... G.A.M.E

We need as much people as possible so we can start... So if you think you have the skills, join now
Payment wil be avalible as soon as the first game is realesed...

Our first project wil be something small, like a WW2 Real-Time Strategy with only skirmish lan, just to het a income.
Bigger projects will then follow.

Wee need-
*3 Concept artists
*5 3D animators,modelers,riggers,level designer
*2 Scripters
*A engine to run the game

Requirements: If you think you are good enough, join.
You need to be serious about the development.

Location: We work using Msn and Skype

Contact info:
email - christo-noll@hotmail.com
phone - 0768909555
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