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CGReels Site Launches

Posted: August 19, 2009
CG Reels has launched its new site. They have a cool option of uploading your high def reel onto their servers. This is nice because youtube just isnt that nice of a link to send to potential employers anymore. The layout is pretty good and the search function is nice. so far people have been flocking to have their reels posted up there from the looks of things. apretty cool idea. Check em' out...

Posted: August 27, 2009
3d artist gallery Andyba
Hey DH3D!
Is it possible to embed the videos uploaded to CGreels in other sites?
Like it is possible with youtube?
Posted: August 28, 2009
Yes you can provided CG Reels is hosting the reel
Posted: August 29, 2009
3d artist gallery Andyba
Thank you DH3D,

Did you forget your password or something?
Posted: January 08, 2010
I have seen this before, Isn't this like cgcritic?
those guys have been around for a couple years now.
Posted: January 12, 2010
Well, layout is pretty good and the search function is nice.
Posted: October 09, 2010
Thanks for the info, I appreciate it.