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(Voluntary-Future Pay) Sci-Fi/Fantasy RPG Indie team Seeking

Posted: August 15, 2009
EkIchiGames a Sci-Fi/Fantasy RPG Indie team is looking for (Voluntary-Future Pay) 3D Model/Animation Assistance

Starting Date: Immediately, duration - Sort Term - Long Term (preferred)

Job details: EkIchiGames - founded in late 2008 - is a group of individuals with diverse talents collaborating to establish a game development team in order to set a career for ourselves in the near future. Currently we are developing some small application as well as a larger game entitled SpherEternity: Fallen Angels, a science fiction/fantasy role playing games that will be our pilot commercial game.

Currently we are seeking for more 3d modelers and texture artists as well as animators to join our ranks to assist us with game production speed and quality. Duties will include either modeling for game environment (environments, objects, and characters), providing textures for the 3d objects, or rigging and animation. You may assist with all 3, just one, or any combination. Experience is not a must, we take beginners and most likely prefer those who want to grow with us and stay long term.

If you have a passion for storytelling via making a game come to brilliant and vibrant life, are a fan of science fiction and fantasy, or just love 3d art and want to express yourself by aiding us while making friends, we\'d love to have you.

Payment is not up front, but rather, if a product sells that is labeled with one of your works, you will get a cut of the profits. i.e. We sell a CD with a model you helped create on the front - you get money from each CD that sells. I\'m fair with payment and I believe hard work earns payment. While I don\'t have enough to pay up front for everyone (due to most of the money I get going to the team in general - buying hardware and software for those who really don\'t have the funds to buy it for themselves), I believe payment by sales is necessary and polite unless the individual specifically states that they do not want payment, in which case the money goes to fund the team in general.

Please contact: ekichigames@yahoo.com for details. =)

Requirements: 3D Modeling software or Photoshop/GIMP for Textures
No large amount of experience necessary, just a good work ethic and a passion for games.
The ability to communicate via e-mail and forums.

Location: Web-based

Contact info:
email - ekichigames@yahoo.com
web site - http://s1.zetaboards.com/EkIchiGames/index/
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