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Update of Gnome in a Can Studios job

Posted: August 13, 2009
Update of Gnome in a Can Studios job

Starting Date: Whenever project restarts production, duration - as long as it takes to complete (unfortunately I have to go to school during the day)

Job details: This is my new job advertisment, because I forgot the password to my other account and cannot edit the previous ad.

Gnome in a Can Studios is currently seeking help for production of a first person shooter game. As I\'m only 15, payment will depend on how many copies of the game are eventually sold. I plan to market this game and you will recieve payment at the end of the project.

Production of the game has been halted for a short time due to a virus on my computer. I plan to pick up as soon as the issue is resolved.

I hope to have any available help, but I do wish to state that I cannot pay a normal salary. I do plan on paying you for your troubles but I cannot pay wages of your choice.

My website is only a temporary location in that I do not own the domain name. With further progress of the company, I hope to expand and get a real website. I\'m only 15 years old and have to go to school during the day. Please be patient with me and wait for a response.

Thank you for your help
Gnome in a Can Studios

Requirements: Must know how to model in formats compatable with most 3d game engines. May need some Knowledge of the source engine by valve.

You don\'t have to be the best, but you must be able to make a rough 3d model.

My current plan is to use low res models with high res textures, but if that doesn\'t work I am open to suggestions.

Location: Any where you have a computer with email or some form of internet communication. Gnome in a Can Studios is currently a very small company(meaning basically just me) and operates from any available location.

Contact info:
email - gnomestudios.contact@gmail.com
web site - www.gnomestudios.webs.com
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