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Is it possible to get a job just as a 3d modeler?

Posted: August 07, 2009
Hi, I was wondering if anyone thinks its a good idea to try to and get a job just as a 3d modeler. I've finished an animation course (was only 10 months long though not much in the 3d world) and have approached a few companys with my animation but was told its not quite at their skill level yet.
So I'm trying to decide if want to spend the next few months continuing to get better at animation which is a challenging medium to say the least, or whether I should try and focus on modeling which with practise I think I could get good at as I am naturally artistic.
I really want to work in this industry and will do what it takes to get in. I live in New Zealand so the companies are smaller and possibly you might have to be a bit of an all rounder as opposed to say the states where the industry is large and people can specialize more. Any thoughts?
Posted: August 07, 2009
Sure. There are many studios where they hire highly specialised artists like only 3d modelers, only 3d animators and so on.
It is rarely when you will find jobs for generalists that can do everything from 3d modeling to animation and rendering.
That is because the competition and required level is quite high lately. So to be good one have to decide what he is going to do and concentrate on it.

For example good 3d animators usually do not create 3d models and do not render. The only thing they do is animate, and animate very well. Some animators do not even rig the models, there are technical directors that do all this technical stuff.

So if you want to be a 3d modeler go on and do it.
You can even speialise in a field of 3d modeling for example you can do organic 3d modeling or mechanical only.

For example to become a good character 3d modeler you should learn anatomy for artists and learn some sculpting software like zbrush or mudbox. To become a mechanical 3d modeler you should learn to model complex mechanical object with high precision.
Posted: August 07, 2009
3d artist gallery Andyba
Hello, mad_styles.
Welcome to the 3d forum.
Yes as dTb mentioned it is possible to get a jobs as a just 3d modeler.
Lately because of the economical crisis it is quite difficult to get any 3d artist job. One have to be very very good in his field to do so.
Posted: August 08, 2009
Thats what I thought, the competition is strong for these jobs so it'd make sense companies would hire only the most talented at a particular field.
I just wonder about the smaller companies where you might be expected to do a bit of everything well.