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Need 3D Animators

Posted: July 29, 2009
Location is not an issue we can work virtually through our computers. If you are looking for notoriety and exposure then this may be the gig for you. If you are trying to break into the business and are looking to gain some experience and exposure and no one is giving you the opportunity this is a great portfolio addition. I am located in Vancouver, British Columbia and I am looking for a creative team who can help put together an amazing animated series where it will be viewed by millions on the internet. Are you a recent graduate, a student or perhaps retired? If the door in front of you closes each time you try to make an attempt at your dreams and are tired of being told thanks but no thanks than perhaps this may be your chance to shine. If you simply have knowledge and the necessary equipment to put a series together and want to give back by allowing others dreams to come true than use this platform to make a difference. If this is something that interests you please send me a reply.