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New Lands Online Recruiting

Posted: July 13, 2009
Independant Company is looking for New Lands Online Recruiting

Job details: New Lands Online is an MMORPG which has been being developed for quite a few months as of now. I now have a fine basis to start on, which allows me to start to recruit. I\'ll give a rough outline of the game, then list the positions needed.

Setting -

Medieval/Fantasy - The architecture of cities and towns will be realistic medieval with a touch of the artists own look. The Race\'s are also slightly realistic, yet with a more \"Cartoon\" look. There will be Forest, Snow, Mountain, Grass, and Desert areas.

Gameplay -

The Gameplay is slightly different to other MMORPGs. At the start of the game you will be given a series of quests that will serve as a tutorial. These can not be skipped, but can be played at any time. You are free to explore before doin them. After doing these first few quests you will be given a Storyboard Quest. These are done in instanced areas so that other players can not help the player. These quests will follow the main storyboard throughout the game. There are also many side quests much like normal MMORPGs if you don\'t want to do the Storyboard Quests.

Primary Goals -

New Lands Online looks to be a self reliant game with a minimal fee to start playing the game and an Item Mall. We hope to accomplish an avanced AI system, and all around different aproach to MMO\'s.

Races -

There are two different factions in the game known as the Dioren, can be considered the \"good\" side. Also the Voidren, which can be considered as the \"bad\" side.

Dioren -

- Human
- Elf
- Half - Giant
- Korden
- Centaur


- Demon
- Vampire
- Lycan
- Minotaur
- Drake

Storyboard - I\'ll show the begining of the storyboard for the Dioren, I go up to the end of the \"tutorial quests\".

- In a land were war was common, and even loved by some, there exists two great factions. The first, known as the Dioren, are peaceful and nurturing. Their king, Tioren, is thought of as a kind, and just king. The others, known as the Voidran, are ruthless and love war. Their king, Dune, is known as a greedy and cruel king. Only years ago the two great factions knew naught of the other, but now, that time has changed. A new realm had been found, one large enough to satisfy the growing needs of the two great factions. Only one problem pertains, who has the power to take it?

- The Elite Legion is the highly trained, personal guards for king Tioren. They have an incredibly dangerous job, and it is usually for life, although life, for them, is no great span of time. You, an aspiring young warrior, craves to be a part of the renowned Elite Legion, start your training. In the last stage of your training, you stumble upon a golden gem; happily you think to sell it. As the artisan strikes the gem with his hammer, a great burst of light erupts from the gem. Once the light clears, you astoundingly see a golden portal standing, were it seems like only seconds ago, stood a tiny, and incomparably small, golden gem.

The Main Storyboard Quests start here. The Voidren have a similar way of starting of the game also. The main quests are very intricate, and at some points difficult, the player will experience surprising defeat were they thought certain victory, returning to a land were they thought to be hero\'s and find their land in chaos, kings kidnapped, and more.

Once you finish the Storyboard Quests you will be allowed to fight in the pvp battles in the New Realm. There will be Guild vs. Guild battles betweeen Dioren and Voidren as well.

Positions Available -

Architectural Modeler - (2/5)

Organic Modeler - (0/3)

Architectural texturer - (1/5)

Orgranic Texturer - (0/3)

Animator - (0/3)

Rigging - (0/3)

Side Quest Designer - (1/2)

Quest Scripter - (0/2)

Artist - (1/2)

Web Designer - (0/1) Needed as soon as possible for Forum making.

Organizer - (1/2)

Sound/FX Design (0/2)

If you have another skill that you think will be helpful please post below or PM me. I am available for questions on AIM at noahm666 or E-Mail on noah_3d@hotmail.com.
The jobs will not be payed, but there will be some small bonuses over time. Once the game reaches a stage were it begins to make profit then the Head Organizer will arrange payments. Thank you for your time.

Requirements: A medium amount of experience in the desired area.

Location: None

Contact info:
email - Noah_3d@hotmail.com
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