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Pro Creators - for Alpha 3D content Programme

Posted: June 17, 2009
Frenzoo is looking for Pro Creators - for Alpha 3D content Programme

Starting Date: Early July 2009, duration - as long as you\'d like

Job details: Frenzoo is a styling community with 3D apparel production and the ability to implement 3D objects, currently we run on Unity and are starting our alpha programme for importing external 3D content into the site in terms of apparel, and hair items.

Currently this is limited to those with 3DsMax8 skills and later there will be options for Maya and Blender too.

please not that this is not a cash paying job.

Requirements: If you are interested in taking part of this programme, please send some examples of your work and register your interest with us via email.

Benefits of involvement include, unlimited coins for 3d creation, ability to have your own shop, a \"pro status\" that is much more exclusive than others, and a chance to be the very first 3D artists to import into Frenzoo and kick start your virtual career.

Location: http://www.Frenzoo.com

we are still in beta phases so expect to see alot of changes to the UI and other features, feedback is always appreciated.

Contact info:
email - aurora@frenzoo.com
web site - http://www.frenzoo.com
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