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I know that all of you work for money , but at least read it

Posted: June 14, 2009
I know that all of you work for money , but at least read it

Job details: ok , i'll make this short , i'm a young script writer and director , i have a project , i'm working on the script now , so i need a full team of 3d animators and modellers to form our own studio and produce our first movie , i know that sounds like a dream , but let's just try , and who knows how far will we go , i just want to tell you a story , pixar animation studio started in 1990 with one animator and one director , so why don't we just give it a try ? , all of you will never reach any of these major studioes , not because you are bad , but because the won't give you the chance , now i'm giving you a chance , a chance to do a real movie , i know that you won't work for free - as i have no money now - but we can share profits after the job is done , a risk ... i know ... you need to be a dreamer to join me ... i uploaded part of the script for any one who is interested ... it is a fantasy story full of laugh and cry , combination of our real world and a fanatsy world .... believe me ... you won't regret .. any one who is interested contact me via email ..

Location: this is the link for the sample of the script :

Contact info:
email - ahmed_sherif1987@hotmail.com
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