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Help expanding my modeling knowledge

Posted: May 10, 2009
Hey, LUO here.

I'm not new to modeling, but I'm still fairly new to 3ds max and "advanced" modeling.

I have the 3ds max bible, but found it of little use when it comes to actually helping me expend my knowledge base.

SO, I have had an idea, something that will help me, help myself.
Battlestar Galactica* or something similar anyway, is what I wish to model. Now, I'm sure that given time... alot of time, I could model it. But my skill never really passed the "google sketchup" level.

So I wish to know how you would model the different sections of this ship? What features you use etc...
Not a tutorial, just a starting point for me to base myself on, and expand upon.

*I cant seem to post links, but if you go to Google, and type in "New Galactica schematics" in images, you should see it in the top results.

Lying Under Oath.
Posted: May 11, 2009
3d artist gallery Andyba
For someone to help you expand your knowledge base he should know the limits of your knowledge. Right now I have no idea what you know and don't know about 3d modeling so I have no idea what to tell you...

Try to ask concrete, specific questions, register to be able to post images to make your questions more clear and you will get positive and helpful answers at least from me. Smile

For an instance I would like to know what is stopping your from modeling all the details you want to model in that ship?