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3ds max vs. other programs

Posted: May 08, 2009
ok so i have a mac. and i have 3ds max and i absolutely love it. but i have to run it on parallels cause its a windows program. and i was wondering which 3d modeling program is the most similar to 3ds max that comes on a Mac?? i have heard of so many like lightwave any maya and all sorts of programs. can some one with experience in 3ds max and other programs like that please help me out here. i really like everything about that program so the closer to the lay out and things its able to do the better
Posted: May 09, 2009
I know that many like 3ds max because it has a standard and well thought interface. I don't know other programs that you will be able to work instantly in that works natively on Mac. Lightwave 3d has it's own specific interface and Maya too. I would say that Maya interface is even more powerful then 3ds max but you will need time learning it. You can also consider cinema4d for mac, it is known to be working well on macs for a long time. And the interface is the user friendly and easy to learn.

I'm not sure but I heard that 3ds max 2009 or 2010 will work natively on mac or am I mistaken something?
Anyway both 3ds max and maya are owned by Autodesk now so the latest versions should have common interface features allowing artists to switch easier from one software to another, like the navigation wheel for example.
Posted: May 09, 2009
ok. and i assume most other programs like this will have similar ways of doing all the gravity and motion type stuff that 3ds max does right?
Posted: May 09, 2009
I don't know about lightwave 3d and cinema4d but Maya certainly has a great dynamics system.
Posted: May 10, 2009
i love how 3ds max has all the reactor stuff, some of the basic things i did in it were just making a rectangle go on the plane and run into a pile of boxes. and they will all fall over of course! can maya do that type of stuff??
Posted: May 10, 2009
3d artist gallery Andyba
dTb, I have checked on Autodesk website and both 3ds max 2009 and 2010 work only on windows systems:

3ds max Software Requirements

Autodesk® 3ds Max® 2010 software requires one of the following 32-bit or 64-bit operating systems:

* Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional (Service Pack 2 or higher)
* Microsoft® Windows® Vista (Business, Premium and Ultimate)
* Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional x64
* Microsoft® Windows® Vista 64 bit (Business, Premium and Ultimate)

Wolverine, yes Maya can do this type of stuff, bellow are the Autodesk Maya complete features:

Intuitive User Interface
Data and Scene Management Tools
Polygon Modeling
NURBS Modeling
Subdivision Surface Modeling and Polygon Proxy Modeling
General Animation
Character Animation
Muscle and Skin System
Rigid and Soft Body Dynamics - this is the feature you are asking about
Particles and Fields

Maya Paint Effects
Toon Shader
Maya Artisan
3D Paint
Multiple Rendering Options
Rendering Controls and Effects
Integrated Scripting
OpenMaya API/SDK
Japanese Localization
Connectivity and Integration
CAD Data Transfer

There is also Maya unlimited that has additionally the following powerful tools:

* Maya Fluid Effects
* Maya nCloth
* Maya nParticles
* Maya Hair
* Maya Fur
* Maya Live

You can see in details what every feature has: