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Requesting a model or two...

Posted: May 07, 2009
Hello everybody, im new to the forum. My primary skill is level design, though I have absolutely no experience with modeling.....

6 months ago I began working with Hammer Level Editor for Valves Source Engine for a Half Life 2 modification called Zombie Panic: Source, the map in question was to be a mall or galleria. For this I would need many different things, if I could get any one of them it would be appreciated. 10,000 is the poly count limit for the Source Engine.

    Stocked Store Shelves (Toy Store, Candy Shop, Vitamin Store, CD/DVD store)

    Clothing Racks (like the ones found around Wal-Mart)

    Furniture (Chairs, Dressers, Couches, Lamps)


Any donations would be greatly appreciated. I cant give you money, but I can give you thanks.[/list]
Posted: May 09, 2009
Can you post any screen shots to show the quality and style you need?