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need a little modeling help

Posted: April 15, 2009
hello everyone i hope your all doing well, i was hoping you could give me a little help with a model im trying to use, first thing though is that, this model was part of a bigger model which came with sdk for the pc game star trek bridge commander, now thats finish on to my problem. Smile

the part im working on was conected to a bigger model like i said, however when i deleted the rest of the model i didnt need there was a hole left where it was connected and im having a hard time trying to figure out the best way to fix it.

i am using gmax which is 3ds max but smaller in size and free and because im used to 3ds max, here is a screenshot of the problem i hope someone can give me a hand on fixing this Smile

Posted: May 13, 2009
Marcus Dublin
Go into editable poly mode and choose border. This will select all of the open edges. Then you could "cap" it or just extrude new faces.
Posted: June 06, 2009
3d artist gallery Andyba
Luke9511, Your 3d model is either editable mesh or editable poly. In any case you can do what Marcus Dublin wrote it is the fastest method of filling holes. You can of course create each polygon by hand if you wish but it will take some time. Try selecting the border sub-object mode, click on a hole edge, the entire hole border will become red, it means that you selected all the border edges, then use the cap tool - it will fill the hole with polygons.