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Im new to 3D modeling and want to find some downloads

Posted: March 20, 2009
Im thinking of starting 3D modeling and would like to download some files to look at so I can color them and make changes.
I was wondering if any one has links to sites with downloads, forums and a download search bar?
or , since I want to have fun , if any one has downloads of models of Star wars and star trek animals, ships and objects, models of fantasy animals, models of subs or models of real world animals?
even if they are unfinished.
my intent is to learn how to make objects and meshes for thesims2.
I would also love suggestions on what programs to buy or down load and were to get them from. and tips in key words to help search on google better, like maybe there's some kind of Model builder slang?
Posted: April 19, 2009
3d artist gallery Andyba
Click the link to find free 3d models for download
Posted: June 05, 2009
CG forums guest
i also know some places.