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Maya: Possible to import UV layout?

Posted: February 05, 2009
I have an issue where moving to a different computer, the UV layout in the UV Texture Editor doesn't carry over. Instead, it's a mess as though I haven't UVed anything yet. I have my UV snapshot saved elsewhere. Is there a way to import this into Maya and use it as my UV snapshot? Any idea how this problem could have happened? I have no idea.

Please help!
Posted: February 08, 2009
In what format do you save your scene or 3d object?
Posted: April 11, 2009
3d artist gallery Andyba
There is a probability that your original object was mirrored, rotated or scaled non uniformly. I had problems with exporting UV maps when the object was mirrored. Try freezing the transformations of the object then exporting.