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looking for modelers

Posted: January 26, 2009
3d artist gallery holloweddarkness
if you want to get into making models for video games, we can help you.

all of us at basement mod productions need help with 3D models for our maps and could use your help.

PM me for more info
Posted: January 28, 2009
3d artist gallery Andyba
Is it a payed job?
Posted: February 05, 2009
3d artist gallery holloweddarkness
no... freelance only
Posted: March 01, 2009
i'm a freelancer artist and hope to provide game art related services to you
Posted: March 01, 2009
3d artist gallery Andyba
holloweddarkness wrote:
no... freelance only

Freelancers usually get paid Smile
Posted: March 03, 2009
3d artist gallery holloweddarkness
sorry meant that this is unpaid work to gain experience in 3D modeling and texturing. we mainly need a texture artist to texture models for us. we have some weapon models and props that need texturing as of now and will soon have a very large list of models needed for texturing.

we plan to have some content released here within 2 weeks including a WIP theme for our mod.

if you like to model and texture, and have a bunch of free time on your hands, we would be glad to have you join up on the team. you would receive full credit for your work in the mod. we are all just a bunch of guys that like to make game content and we are pulling together to make somthing sweet.

Thanks guys
Posted: March 17, 2009
I'm interested in helping out if I can.