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simple question

Posted: June 19, 2008
Hi, im just looking for a free program for my mac, that alows you to pose 3d models that i downloaded, basic. and easy
please help
Posted: December 26, 2008
3d artist gallery rpadc2002
hmmmm... if you can use 3d max, there is some character rigging and biping with 3dmax help. its the basic foundation, you must have a basic knowledge with these. ( rigging, biping) otherwise it will be very hard for you to understand this things.
interior designer / 3d visualizer

Posted: December 31, 2008
3d artist gallery Andyba
Do you want to pose them or animate?
I know that there is poser for mac, it is designed for posing but it is not free.
You can also try blender 3d. They have a mac version it is free and you can do a lot of stuff in it.