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Railroad Modeling

Posted: April 07, 2008
We are currently studying on a simulation project for training the locomotive drivers. We are investigating the possible methods for 3D graphical modelling of the railway. Question is how to reflect the curvatures and tangents we encounter in the railway to our 3D rail models.

Definitions in the railway technical sheets are as follows :
1- A straight railway at about 1 km including some varying tangents (slopes) of %0.48 from 0 km to 0.212 km and tangent (slope) of %0 from 0.212 km to 0.557km.
2- Curvature block follows the first straight line. The curvature has a lenght of 766.67 meters with the radius of 780 meters.

Again the question is how to reflect the real railway road data to our 3D railway models.

P.S : Pls post your feedbacks if there are some points left unclear in the question.
Thank you for your concern
Posted: February 13, 2009
3d artist gallery Andyba
I don't know about first example of data but the second example you can model in 3ds max with the arc tool. It has the parameter of length and radius.