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FPS game development becomes easier with Weapons3D.com

Posted: March 31, 2008
Outsourcing of computer game development grows more and more all over the world. It has various forms and this is one of them: to offer 3D models that are applicable for many projects instead of creating 3D models only for one project.

About two weeks ago was launched website that makes development of First-person shooter games easier. Name of this website is Weapons3D.com (www.weapons3d.com) and it offers various next-generation weapon 3d models fitted especially for FPS game projects.

Project managers and team leaders can buy weapon models (which are usually similar in various FPS) and saved time and human resources use for creating unique elements of specific game.

Weapons3D.com team wants to constantly expand offerings by new categories, new models and model variations. They also decided to offer some free full-featured models to prove quality of modeling and publish free articles on professional 3D modeling to share their knowledge with website visitors.

For more information visit www.weapons3d.com