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New to 3D...... Need some advice?

Posted: February 18, 2008
Hi everyone!

I'm just starting 3D, need some help/advice, and better understanding these programs. Right now I have and wish to use:
3D Studio Max9
Zbrush 3
Lightwave 9
Poser 7
Carrara 5 Pro
Bryce 6.1
(Daz Studio but I think it was bundled with something...?)
I do not not have Motion Builder but I really want it. Smile

The thing is...... I don't really understand how this "works" I'm doing this all on my own. It took me awhile just to find these programs but i dunno understand how these applications apply exactly and how they work together.... (I hope I'm not unclear?)

I got 3d studio max cause that's what a bunch of video gamers use but what separates it from Lightwave? ZBrush is a lot of fun, all I'm doing with it is modifying files, but what can I do with it afterwards? Can I animate the object as well? What can I do with poser as compared to Carrara and Motion Builder? Landscaping wise I only know of Bryce. Can I Import/Export files between all these programs or is that not possible?

I bought several textbooks for these programs and starting to read up on it, but I find it kind of confusing mostly cause I dunno which program to start with and how they all work together.

I'm "stuck" in a college that never even heard of any of these programs and I want to learn on my own between studies. I mean, I certainly won't learn it in class.
Posted: December 26, 2008
3d artist gallery Andyba
Hey xillianix wellcome to 3dmd forums!
Posted: December 31, 2008
3d artist gallery Andyba
3D Studio Max9 - is for 3d modeling animation and rendering.
Zbrush 3 - for high detailed 3d modeling
Lightwave 9 - the same as 3ds max.
Poser 7 - is for modifying existing human and animal models and posing them.
Posted: August 26, 2010
Hello there xillianix! Glad to have you in our community. Well, you have a lot of softwares which you plan to learn. Learning is a step by step process, I know, setting a goal to learn all of these is not impossible, but will take time depending on how you work hard and persevere. My advice to you is to be patient at all times for 3D graphics needs a lot of time to be close to perfection or even perfected. Good luck and Ask queries for you to learn new things Smile
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