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Animation Director job

Posted: January 31, 2008
subject: Animation Director , GrapeCity / WINEstudios

GrapeCity / WINEstudios is looking for Animation Director
duration - Indefinite

Job details: GrapeCity / WINEstudios

Imagine working in an environment dedicated to creative integrity!

WineStudios is centered in creative integrity. Such a focus guides the creative energy of our people and defines the end purpose of every one of our products. Creative integrity, as a way of thinking, means that our people are not restricted by the ordinary in their exploration of the creative spectrum to uncover the most powerful way to represent our clients' stories, in whatever form they are told... features, programs, commercials, music videos or special presentations. Creative integrity, as a measure of results, means that the relationships we form with our clients and our understanding of their needs result in our products for our clients truly achieving the results for which they are created.

This is what begins to tell the story of what makes us special. We have a deep commitment to provide a great working environment equipped with the latest technological advancements so that our employees can focus on giving off their best. This is the kind of fair treatment and mutual trust that pervades WINEstudios – its people, products, services, and its policies.

GrapeCity has brought software development services and the benefits of the latest technologies to enterprises around the world for over 25 years. Currently GrapeCity has technology centers all over Asia – India, China, Mongolia, Japan and Vietnam. GrapeCity has 70% of the market share of the Education ERP market in Japan and has built, localized, and sold hundreds of components from some of the world’s most prestigious companies. Currently GrapeCity is the preferred solution provider of Microsoft in Japan and China. WINEstudios is the newest enterprise in the GrapeCity, Inc family of companies. We have a commitment to grow aggressively in the next five years and are well funded and positioned for this growth. Some of our services and capabilities at our world class facilities (currently one of the largest full service production studios in Japan) include: HD/SD Video Photography and Editing, Audio Recording / Mixing / Editing, Visual Effects and 3D Animation, Motion Capture, Virtual Studio, Blue Screen Stage, DVD Authoring, Graphics Layout & Design as well as Still Photography. Our facilities include: Sound Stage, Motion Capture, Cromakey Studio, Editing Suite, Audio Suite and Machine Room. Our equipment includes: Audio, Video, Cameras, Motion Capture, DVD Authoring and Virtual Studio.GrapeCity / WINEStudios US headquarters is nestled in the Seattle suburb of Kirkland, WA. GrapeCity’s corporate headquarter office is in Tokyo, Japan and WINEStudios is headquartered in Sendai, Japan. The corporate culture is open-door, casual but intense, fast-paced, friendly, and FUN! Not to mention, the benefits are so good, it’s insane! We offer health benefits to cover your entire family with no out of pocket premiums required! We also provide matching 401k, life and disability, flex-time, 15 days paid time off, and many more! Benefits vary slightly for individuals who choose to relocate to Japan.We are looking for professionals to work out of our Seattle or Japan offices. Remote working will be considered for the right individuals given the ability to use our collaboration tool and video conferencing system. Occasional travel to Japan will be required. Comprehensive relocation assistance is offered for professionals who choose Seattle or Japan.

Animation Director

WINEstudios seeks a respected hands-on 3d Animator to lead and coordinate the Animation Team. This role will be responsible for leading Animation for film, video and educational programs. The Animation Director will be involved in the recruitment of the team to ensure that the selected Animators have the appropriate skills for applicable programs and productions. This position will interpret information provided by clients and communicate that information effectively to the Animators. The Animation Director will manage the English speaking Animation team as well as collaborate with the Japanese speaking Animation team. Bilingual candidates are a plus but working with provided translators is also an option. This position can reside in Seattle, WA or Japan. The Animation Director reports to the Chief Creative Officer.

Key Responsibilities:

-Liaison between internal and external clients and technical team developing animation from clients’ concepts and delegating tasks to technical Animation Team.
-Champion the quality of the animation delivering consistent productions by assigning or casting the appropriate Animators as well as guiding and supervising all work produced.
-Oversee the technical aspects of projects by leading the animation of key frames, laying out complex motions, and animating challenging sequences.
-Manage the design of models, backgrounds, sets, characters, objects and the animation environment as well as the timing and pace of a character's or object's movements during the sequence of images and making sure they follow audio requirements.
-Work with editors to composite the various layers of animation (backgrounds, special effects, characters and graphics) in order to produce the finished piece.
-Liaison between the Animation and other involved parties sometimes dealing with multicultural communication issues between English and Japanese teams.
-Accountability to the Production Department for delivering the required quota of animation, within the specified deadlines.
-Ongoing recruitment and development of the Animation team.

Skills/Experience Required:

-Ability to sell ideas to internal and external clients.
-Multiple years of hands-on and Directorship experience with the technical concepts and implications of movement, character performance, style, quality and continuity while leading and maintaining technical, scheduling and budgetary requirements.
-Proven experience and samples from high-end production environment.
-Good understanding of industry trends and production solutions·
-Ability to meet multiple deadlines in fast paced production environment while maintaining an emphasis on quality and a customer focus.
-Ability to communicate clearly verbally as well as in writing.
-Ability to work effectively with multicultural and remote employees.
-Computer skills and experience with technical software packages, such as Flash, 3d studio max, Maya, Lightwave, Softimage and Cinema 4D; etc.
-Animation degree, comparable Art School degree, or a Computer Science degree.

Please send resumes to WSAnimationDir.dja@hiredesk.net
Location: Kirkland, Washington, 98003, United States

email - WSAnimationDir.dja@hiredesk.net
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