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On behalf of the scorched3d community

Posted: November 23, 2007
On behalf of the scorched3d community I would first like to compliment this fine gathering of computer graphics skill and knowledge.

It is about this skill and knowledge that I have come. The scorched3d community is a tight knit group of people gathered around the game known as scorched3d. This group is growing, but it is growing slowly; and as such, its over all skill set is unbalanced. With the recent release of version 41.1 and its new expandability, a want has developed for content to backup this place of expansion.

While there are a few among us that has these skills, they have been placed under a large strain, producing models for both their own and other modifications to scorched3d.

So what I ask of you fine people, is if you could lend some of your skill, to those who would appreciate it most greatly.

The quality of work required is not the greatest; a one thousand poly model is some of the highest seen. So I ask, on behalf of the scorched3d community, that you help swell the numbers of this great game.

Oh, and if you think this is some spam bot trying to mess with you. I am The AI on www.scorched3d.co.uk so send me a pm there, all will be confirmed.
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